A new Discord bot starter, no pinging needed

Project URL: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/dcc-sample-pingpong?path=server.js%3A67%3A22

This is a remixable starter Discord bot project that uses daffy-circular-chartreuse (DCC, more info) and Eris. The project automatically wakes up to answer messages and sleeps after some inactivity.

External component note: This project uses an external component which connects to Discord on your bot’s behalf in order to watch for incoming messages.

Ratelimiting note: Bots built with DCC are still subject to Discord’s rate limiting. Other project containers on the same Glitch server use the same request quota as your bot. Check for error 429 in your logs if your bot doesn’t respond when it should. If you experience this, follow these steps to put your project to sleep, except with https://api.glitch.com/v1/ instead of https://api.glitch.com/. This often places your project on a different server the next time it wakes up.


That’s so cool ! Now you can basically work on Discord bots like you would with Twitch API’s webhooks.

I tried making a version with discord.js. Here’s that: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/dcc-sample-discordjs?path=server.js%3A84%3A21

The design of discord.js relies heavily on keeping things like guilds and channels in memory, and it’s big on object oriented programming. Because of these qualities, it takes many extra steps to set up a graph of objects to make something like Message.reply work.

cc @TheSimG


Wow, that’s so great! This is such a cool project, and I’m definitely going to do some experimentation with this now.

What exactly do you mean exactly about the limitations on OOP?

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