A slightly better blank Node starter project

Some time ago I posted a feedback post about how Glitch’s default Node implementation did not accept a valid SemVer range as a Node version, causing me to create a custom implementation.

Back then, it was just a quickly hacked together version, not worth sharing. However, since then I have refined it, making it just as easy to use as the default by Glitch.

Not much is different compared to the “normal” way to run Node on Glitch, and that is completely by design. The package.json file is still used to add packages, and you can use watch.json to change how the project restarts.

The only things that has changed are the following additions:

  • Support for SemVer range in engines.node field
  • Always keeps current package manager when downgrading Node from version 12+ to version 11-
  • Outputs node_modules folder size on install (to help prevent going over the allowed 1 GB, triggering a suspension)

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