A Solution To Discord Bots After the Glitch Ping Ban (24/7 Runtime)

Project URL: https://discord-bot-24-7.glitch.me

I’m one of the people that actually boosts projects, so after the huge ping ban, I decided to do something with one of my Boosted apps for once. I’m hosting your bots, for free, 24/7 on a Boosted Glitch project. The site explains it much more thoroughly.
But the gist is you go to the website, fill in all the details, pick an action for your project (submit, update, and delete from database), and the bot will be hosted in maximum twelve hours! (Sometimes it can happen in 5 minutes, an hour, or six hours. It varies on when I’m active.)
I’ll post updates on when I do a mass-update in this thread. The bots are hosted on the website’s node.js background, so you can check the source via Glitch to make sure importing went well, there’s no malicious code, etc. All tokens will be put in the .env file.

Before you say this is against their new ToS, I emailed support about this idea and they said it’s okay as long as this doesn’t host a large amount of bots. This should be enough to support a good enough part of the community though.

I hope you all get some form of O.G. Glitch feel, of 24/7 free uptime with (somewhat) fast deployment.

(Important edit: your project must be packaged into a single file with random variables so it doesn’t collide with other scripts. Make another file called packaged.js with all of your .js files combined and variables scrambled and we’ll take it from there.)

So uh.
People give you there bot code and token and you host?

Yeah, I know it’s highly trust based, but if anything happens everyone can just move from the project and reset their bot token.

It would be a bit late as one could mess up servers and then have the bot leave all the servers its in.

Well that’s a trust problem then. I’m providing the service and it’s up to the users if they want to trust it.

You could do a automated system where the bots filesystem gets extractef from a zip and run and then when their 12 hours ends you compress their filesystem into a zip file and repeat for another bot

How would I implement that through Glitch? Some sort of automated project scraper? And the 12 hours is just deployment time, the projects are supposed to run 24/7 always.

  1. Ask people for a copy of their project by asking them to press Download Project
  2. Extract that file you should get a app directory
  3. Rename the folder
  4. Install packages but don’t install a package if you are installing a version older than the current discordjs so you don’t break other bots
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That’s definitely a better idea than what we have right now. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.

Git clone might help considering all glitch projects have a git repo

What happens if when someone updates their discord bot’s code?

this would have multiple performance issues


this would also pose many issues if bots ran commends from their end. For example a bot can snoop in on tokens, git clone large app. Pretty much do anything. An example of my bot below


There’s an update command in the website so we can update your code any time!

We can sanitize malicious commands, such as !eval to make sure other projects are affected. And this system isn’t meant to host hundreds of bots, so performance won’t be an issue since the entire system isn’t supposed to be scale-able to a larger degree.

one bot can use more than 10gb of ram

Nobody on Glitch (the group of people this system is designed for) uses 10GB of ram since the projects don’t even support that much ram. At that point, you need a larger VPS / hosting provider. I’m just providing an alternative to pinging.

that was just as an example lol. and keeping multiple bots in 1 project still isnt a good idea as they use quite a bit of ram and again bots can execute things

Looking into vercel. This could actually work hm

I just tried it and had an error even though this was the same code as glitch where it said that FFMPEG was missing even though it’s not needed