A visual editor for Glitch

I put together a little proof of concept showing the GrapesJS page builder integrated with Glitch via a browser extension, based on my work on https://simplepagebuilder.app.

cool demo video. can I see the browser extension?


Thank you! I didn’t really intend to release the extension, as the experience is a bit janky, and considering that the Glitch interface can change in ways that break the plugin, I’d rather, at least for now, suggest this as a built-in feature.

But if you or anyone else would like to have a look and play with this idea, I put the as-is code on GitHub.


woah cool, it goes by clicking files in the file tree and then using codemirror’s setValue


Ha, yes, the whole thing is a bit hacky as the options for interacting with the files and the editor are pretty limited.

Good enough for a prototype, though!

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