Accidentally deleted an about 80 line file I spent a whole day working on

I accidentally deleted an about 80 line file I spent a whole day working on. Instead of hitting copy I hit paste and lost everything. Any way to restore it? My CTRL Z is broken and I cant buy a new keyboard due to lockdown.

Project name: my-discord-botty

Code:Glitch :・゚✧"

please help me and recover it please

I did try the rewind feature actually, didn’t work because i was so horrified to see whole of the code gone that i shut down my laptop, so i tried but doesn’t work.

And it wasnt a part of the code it was the whole code

Im a newbie so idk whether its alot or not but pls help me :pensive:

It was a hello node project , discord.js, server.js

Hi perfect1on, welcome to the community, sorry about the circumstances!!

  • You can right click in the code editor and Undo is a context option, if your Z key isn’t working :wink:
  • Rewind should hopefully have made some commits that you can go back to, even if you closed your laptop after you made your mistake. What can you see in Rewind?
  • Your Glitch link above doesn’t go to your project, it just goes to /edit, could you try again with that?

Good luck!!

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undo wont work because the thing happened like 10 hours ago

but i cant copy it

Cool, what do you mean “can’t copy it?” :slight_smile:

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Im sorry im just a newbie i thought if i cant see the text selected so i cant ctrl c the code but then i tryed it, still worked, thank you so much bro

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