Add ability to create new project from Glitch homescreen


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There’s a button, above-the-fold, that allows me to create a new project.


No button! Only a “Resume Coding” button, which jumps me to the last project I worked on. Meaning that I have to do 3 more clicks (project menu in top-left > new project > create new [node app | website]) to achieve what I really want to do.

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The ‘New Project’ button on the homepage was replaced with the ‘Create Your Dream App’ section, which lists three starter apps that you can remix. All the new project button did was remix one of those apps - same number of clicks as before.

We’ll be making some changes to how we present this shortly though, so it’ll become somewhere between the two solutions - having a new project type drop-down but with more explanation of what the differences are between the projects so that it’s easier to understand for new users.

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I don’t see a “Create Your Dream App” section above-the-fold…?

Seems to me like the ability to quickly create a new project is the main use case for returning users visiting the homepage, so I really think it deserves a properly central location.

Thanks Kayce - note my points about the planned changes in my response above. This will provide for that.


Thanks for the feedback! Just wanted to give a heads up that we’re playing with designs for this right now, and probably adding a quick ‘new project’ button in the header.

There are a few things to balance, which is why it isn’t live yet, but in short we agree that you should be able to get a new project within a couple of clicks from any page within the site.

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Hi, just updating to let you know we’ve made it easier to create a new project, straight from the header of

Congrats, looks great, and USEFUL!