Ai code writer for glitch?

introducing an ai code writer would be a great feature to add to glitch! i believe replit has this feature, but i dont want to switch over to replit.

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I had already built something like this, but I’m working on a better one!

honestly I think it’d be better if the glitch team added a bit of scripting to the editor so like someone can just write a plain old chrome extension that let’s you integrate your favorite freely available language model into glitch.

actually it wouldn’t be too out of the world to do this, I’ll see if I can whip up something in tampermonkey rq but the recent HF Code Autocomplete - Visual Studio Marketplace seems like a good starting point. Essentially all you need to do it looks like is

  1. Get the current code into a string.
  2. Get the position of the text cursor.
  3. Use the above inject <fim-prefix>, <fim-suffix> and <fim-middle> where the cursor is into the string.
  4. Call the huggingface api with the result

As @wh0 demonstrated given the dom editor of the editor we can probably already retrieve the needed data without the need for glitch to do anything. How we present it might be different challenge

you reminded me of a project I abandoned and now I want to work on it again :upside_down_face:

  1. it’s called ghostwriter
  2. you can use chatgpt or something. not many ai’s are developed enough to read code in files you directed them to.

cool :slight_smile:

it can help speed up website development

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altho i don’t quite agree with replit’s direction with vision their ai team is certainly good at giving back to the community as they’ve recently released a neat llm code model on huggingface so ig if people wanted they could use that

you could try gl-editor-chatgpt if you want to experiment with something like this.

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