Allow access to the .well-known directory

Currently any directory beginning with “.” returns “forbidden”. See existing issue raised: Website returns forbidden when you try to add a directory that starts with a "."

Could the .well-known directory be exempt from this? Or provide the ability to specify an allow list per project.

HI @alancutter - thanks for sharing this idea/pain point you’ve got. I’ve shared it with the team to discuss further. I’ll update this thread when there’s an update!

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I’m out of votes, but here goes my invisible vote! I removed some of my old votes so I got space to vote in this one, here it goes!
Btw: glitch support, can you please add more votes for everyone? we can’t do much with only 5.

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Sure, just bumped up the max votes to 50 for everyone. What the limits were before were Discourse’s defaults.