Any thought of providing a file change event webhook?

I’ve been using glitch to build webhook integrations for my in code, TODO task manager and thought it would be cool if I could track changes to TODO comments in glitch projects. Are there any plans to provide webhook support for file change events in glitch projects? I just implemented webhooks on imdone using github’s documentation as requirements and would be glad to contribute the code (it’s nodejs).


We deploy with each key press, so that’d be a whole lotta webhooks. Would something like sending a webhook after x minutes since the last change or similar work?

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I think less frequent than every keypress is good, but I was thinking in seconds rather than minutes. I’d also need a way to update the file so I can update the TODO with an id:. Any thoughts on that?

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Hey, thanks for your work on glitch!

Have you made any progress on the api?