API interruption

API interruptions causing profile pages not to load & projects to respond slower than usual. Our team is responding. Updates can be found on status.glitch.com.


none of my projects are loading status says everything is working

Everything but the editor is working for me. Getting an error loading the editor…image

the status must be manual as when things aren’t working it still says everything is 100%

The more you know, you’d think the community is smart enough to add auto failure detection


API Uptime is down I guess that mean projects won’t load

Yes, I can’t even go to my projects page (glitch.com/@username). And when I try to get into my projects, it doesn’t load. My all Discord bots are down right now. But the status still says all systems are operational.

Well, I guess Glitch does automagically detect some things :joy:

CC: @glitch_support
Glitch is going down, API uptime is at 0.

Thats fantastic :unamused:

@KarateBoi, @BloodStains
That’s glitch for ya. Use repl.it if you want a much more stable platform host that doesn’t go down every 3 or so days :yawning_face:

I will never change over to repl lol. Glitch is better and like, its just a bit of downtime lol

You do you ig lmao
I use both platforms equally, but glitch doesn’t have intellisense
If they added that, I’d probably be on glitch more often than usual

Yes Glitch is Down Again

Don’t expect an update until later tomorrow lol, glitch support probably asleep

Without a day with some technical difficulty. (0 days)

Hi i cant login to the glitch

API having issues currently.

ok when it will work again?