App won't connect to hosted postgresDB

Hi guys. I think im missing something…
So i hosted a postgres DB on AWS, tried to connect with glitch app, and it wont let me in.
The code i wrote:

database.js for connection

const { Pool } = require('pg');

const pool = new Pool({
  user: 'postgres',
  host: process.env.DBURL,  // <- tried without process.env (just password and url string). nothing.
  database: 'postgres',
  password: process.env.DBPASS,
  port: 5432,

module.exports = pool;

then wrote simple app.get test

app.get('/api', function (req, res) {
  console.log("API");   // <-  i get "API" in console. Then it just does nothing. I get no response.
   pool.query("select * from routes").then(data => {

P.S. I tried exact code locally and i get query response. Connection is ok.

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NVM, something dumb happened. After aws database reboot, my database connection rules dropped to default… Why reboot dropped this setting? IDK.

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