Bug: jumping to show project after every editor keystroke


I now have two projects stuck in the same buggy state –

Every time I press a key in the editor, the browser jumps to running to the project as if I had clicked the “show” button.

Switching away from the project and switching back does not seem to solve this problem. Neither does logging out and logging back in.

In case useful the projects are

This is very frustrating (especially to my daughter, whom I am helping with these projects.) Any guidance would be very welcome. Thanks!


Hi brahn-dsr,

this problem typically happens if you opened the editor in the same tab previously opened by the “Show” button itself. You can try to solve it by opening the editor on another tab, or, in case this doesn’t work, try the following:

In the Personal Preferences menu (second icon from the top right), untick the option “Refresh App on Changes”:

I hope this helps!

Happy coding!


My daughter says: “It works, thank you!”