Bug report: files edited from console are not refreshed in IDE

If I open a file in the glitch editor and then edit that file using the console ( by say, generating some html and throwing it into the file ) it will show up if I view the file in the console environment, or the browser view of that file but changes won’t show up in the IDE even thought they will show up in git.

The only way I could get my changes into the editor was to export the project to github and then import back from github. It appears the editor caches it’s state and is not using the same filesystem view as the console?

This is pretty minor and I’d be happy if it just had a button to “re-read the file from disk” or some such.

It’s not really a bug, console created/edited files don’t automatically update in the editor you need to run refresh in your project console.

Ah. That’s good to know. Is there a URL where this is documented?

It seems like it would be helpful to point people at that.

Yes, here: https://glitch.com/help/console-files/

It’s also mentioned when you open the console.