Can I get 20 boosted apps somehow? Happy to pay 4x the normal subscription price, of course!

Hi, thanks so much for introducing boosted apps! I was super excited to start using it, but then I saw on the pricing page that there’s only one pricing tier? Is is possible to pay more to get more boosted apps?

Currently I’ve moved a bunch of little projects to a DigitalOcean droplet to keep them alive and avoid the rate limit, but would only be able to move a subset of them back to Glitch, which obviously defeats the purpose, because then I’ve still got the droplet to maintain.

If it’s not currently possible, is there any chance we can get more boosted apps in the near future? I’d ideally like to be able to get as many boosted apps as I want. I can easily imagine having 30 or 40 projects at some point.


Looks like this for @glitch_support!

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For what it’s worth, I think all the projects on your account don’t have a 4,000 request limit anymore when you pay for Glitch. But I agree, it would be nice to have the possibility of scaling up the number of projects.

For now, if you don’t need the extra RAM and disk space, you could have no request limit on all your projects and then keep them awake for a similar effect.

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just use 4 accounts on glitch :laughing:


Hi @cori and @Gareth, I was wondering whether you could chime in on this thread? Is @benborgers’ solution the way to go for now? I imagine that the “uptime robot” strategy may eventually be banned given that it’s now possible to pay to keep apps awake, but I hope it’s not banned until we can boost more than 5 apps.


hi! gareth left glitch awhile ago and cori is on a different team.

all your projects have rate limits removed when you subscribe. 5 apps of your choice can stay awake. we’re already exploring options on how to expand this to include more projects, so you’ll have to sit tight for that for now!

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Okay, looking forward to it. Thanks!