Can I upload my Glitch project to Heroku?

Hi I have my Discord bot on Glitch and I was wondering if I could upload my project to heroku to keep it active.
if you could, would you tell me how? :grin:

I would recommend that you first push it to github and then clone the github repo to github.


How do I do that?

You could install the Heroku CLI, clone your Glitch project using Git to your computer and push the code to Heroku using Git. You are all done! (You are done only if I recall the process correctly, otherwise, you would need to read the Heroku docs or view YouTube videos. :stuck_out_tongue:) Or you could follow, @RiversideRocks’ way-

. (Note that the above requires a GitHub account as mentioned by @RiversideRocks.)

The simplest way of “uploading” your Glitch project to Heroku would be linking your GitHub account to Glitch & Heroku and setting your Heroku app to automatically deploy from a GitHub repo. That way, you can just go to Glitch and press “Export to GitHub” (found somewhere in the tools dropdown, I think) and all the changes you’ve made on Glitch will be automagically uploaded to Heroku.


The glitch.json equivalent for heroku is a “Procfile”, it tells you what dynos you have and what command to run. Glitch apps should be compatible with heroku assuming they use the PORT enviroment variable.
Example proc file

web: node server.js