Can my App please get Whitelisted for using the discord.js library

My Bot is getting banned like all the time some bans emerge and I just dont understand why this keeps happening over and over again. the-alpha-brian is my apps name.

I know that I am banned because I am catching the promise Rejection error
Rejected Promise: [object Promise] from Discord.js, Errormessage: Something took too long to do.

I am getting a bit frustrated about that Situation its not like the first time nor will it be the last time I think. So is there any way I can get white listed internally or so? Its just no fun to me every time

Just to be clear I think: My App is not banned but I just cant connect to discord thats all and pls somehow make it connect again, these error or false positive bans are getting annoying to me

So it seems the problem is on Discords side and nothing Gltich can do about it I suppose at the moment, I didnt read the megathread OP thoroughly. Really strange why does this happens that discord black lists some hosts?

What we believe is happening here is that some Discord-based Glitch projects are running into problems with Discord’s API and are violating some Discord policy or other. Discord’s automated abuse management processes then determine the IP addresses that the offending projects are coming from and they ban those IP addresses, which effects all projects currently running on the banned servers. We have to recycle the banned servers to move all of their projects (including ones that have nothing whatsoever to do with Discord). Much of that in conjecture at the moment, though, and we’re trying to find a way to work with Discord on this problem.