Can you read the SECRET file?

A little project I created. If you know what to do, you can read the contents of a file called SECRET without leaving your browser. DM me the contents of the file and I will announce the first person to finish.

Edit: I shut down the project: the winners are @wh0 and @anon43649539. I will being something like this again near future!

To get the contents of the SECRET file, you would have had to run && cat SECRET in the form.


*Uses tor browser

It’s sending 412 responses
Edit: was

Odd, I got a 200. I am going to take down the website in a few minutes as people are lets just say going above and beyond.

What does that mean?

thank you for that…

500 again.
I think it would be best next time to create a mini OS (like Aurora) so nothing goes wrong.


Answer was to run && cat SECRET.