"Cannot find module express"

Project was working fine, but now perma-error with this message, even though I made no changes and the module is there in package.json.

Any ideas? Project has no permanent storage, no assets really, shouldn’t be a lot of memory…

THANKS :smiley:

The name value in package.json can’t contain spaces. Replacing the spaces with hyphens will fix it up.


Thanks Gareth!!

Is there a place I can file an issue for better package.json parsing error reporting, so I can take up less of your time? :sweat_smile:

Here’s fine - but yep, I agree - it’s frustrating to see an error that doesn’t relate to the real issue. We’ll see what we can do to improve that and you’re definitely not the only person (even this week) to be caught out by it!

Great, thanks Gareth. Have a great weekend!