Can't find my project in profile

Hello all,

I tried to modify some of my projects (for multi triggering ifttt action) but I can’t find it in my profile.
It’s really strange because if I execute the ifttt trigger it works!

Some help?

Thanks =)

Hi titius93,

Can you tell me the name of the projects? I’ll see if I can track them down.

Hi @dluxemburg, thanks for reply =)

I don’t know the names, but I call it from ifttt with this:

If I push the IFTTT button on my smartphone linked at each project, it works.

Other two:

That’s very strange, they seem to be in the right place. Is it possible you became logged out? Maybe try signing out and back in again.

now I can see it!!
Really thanks @dluxemburg.

PS I tried logout and login yesterday but it doesn’t work.