Can't open projects in a new tab

What happened to being able to open a project in another tab? Now when i’m in my project and i try to open up a new project in the next tab i go to left click and it, it takes me to the project in the same tab when i want it to open in another tab.

You can still open multiple projects at once, can you maybe show us the problem you are encountering, true a video or some other way that would be handy?

What im saying is before the folder update you could left click (on your mouse) and open the project in a new tab.

Hey @TeaCup thanks for the report; it looks like you found a bug! We’re working on a fix right now - I’ll let you know when it’s released.

The timing here is coincidental; this isn’t related to the folder change, so I’ve moved it to its own topic.

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Hey @TeaCup we deployed a fix for this yesterday, so you should be able to open in a new tab as you used to do.

Thanks again for the report!

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You should be able to open those in a second tab too

Hey @TeaCup I guess I’m not seeing the bug. Can I get a hint?

The create new project buttons should be able to open in another tab, but after the recent update you have to click the button to make a new project.

AH! Now I understand, thanks for the clarification. We’ll look into this issue and get back to you!

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I still have the issue @cori
It happened today. I have Glitch open in one tab and Github in the other. I click View, Open in a new window, and it takes me to Github!

To fix this you just need to exit github, reopen your project and avoid opening different pages in your project tab.

@RiversideRocks I’m using it for an important project, and I NEED both tabs open.

Hey @anon69241012, normally I see this happen if I do the following:

  1. From the Glitch editor, click on the Show button and choose In a New Window
  2. The live app loads in a new tab
  3. In the new tab from step 2, I go to some other site (e.g., GitHub)
  4. If I go back to the Glitch editor tab and repeat step 1, the editor will take me back to the tab where it thinks the live app is already running (which now shows GitHub).

Because the Glitch editor holds a reference to the tab it opens when you go to the live app, I recommend that you use a third tab to keep GitHub open. In other words:

  • Tab 1 for the Glitch editor
  • Tab 2 for the Glitch live-app preview, opened from the Glitch editor in tab 1
  • Tab 3 for GitHub

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much, @angelo

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