Can't open projects in a new tab

What happened to being able to open a project in another tab? Now when i’m in my project and i try to open up a new project in the next tab i go to left click and it, it takes me to the project in the same tab when i want it to open in another tab.

You can still open multiple projects at once, can you maybe show us the problem you are encountering, true a video or some other way that would be handy?

What im saying is before the folder update you could left click (on your mouse) and open the project in a new tab.

Hey @TeaCup thanks for the report; it looks like you found a bug! We’re working on a fix right now - I’ll let you know when it’s released.

The timing here is coincidental; this isn’t related to the folder change, so I’ve moved it to its own topic.

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Hey @TeaCup we deployed a fix for this yesterday, so you should be able to open in a new tab as you used to do.

Thanks again for the report!

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You should be able to open those in a second tab too

Hey @TeaCup I guess I’m not seeing the bug. Can I get a hint?

The create new project buttons should be able to open in another tab, but after the recent update you have to click the button to make a new project.

AH! Now I understand, thanks for the clarification. We’ll look into this issue and get back to you!

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