Can't seem to install from pnpm, install stuck

Made a change in my project earlier today and npm install has been stuck since then. The log shows:

node v12.0.0, npm 6.9.0

After about 10 minutes:

added 778 packages from 1293 contributors and audited 783 packages in 783.396s
found 0 vulnerabilities
Total install time: 797520ms
Refreshing editor because npm changed your package.json! Run enable-pnpm to avoid this.

And then it repeats the process. I have also tried running enable-pnpm, which appeared to run successfully in the console, but still did not resolve the issue. Any advice? I’d be happy to share a link to the project if necessary, although it’s currently private.

Hi @aceslowman!

This may be due to an issue on our end. We are looking into it now. I will post an update here once we know more.


Hi again @aceslowman! We believe the issue has now been fixed. When you are ready, can you please try closing the project editor. Then, reopening it and see if the install works now?


For a moment it was working, aside from some new errors about dependencies that weren’t present before. After attempting to add one of the dependencies, it became stuck again at install.

EDIT: the install finished, the server briefly started, but then the install process began again, currently stuck

Thanks for checking! If it stays stuck, will you please send us a support request that includes the project name so we can take a closer look?

I am currently experiencing the same issue, did you get it fixed on your project @aceslowman?

So I will provide what I was answered in my ticket, without much details, to allow the Support Engineers to make a proper thread/reply to this one regarding everything in detail:

Basically they are working on a node update and it may have resulted in the current situation.
The solution I was given was basically ditching pnpm and doing a standard npm install after deleting the package-lock (as usual).


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind if the issue comes back up! My server is currently up and running.

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