Change username

Hello team. Is it possible to get some assistance with changing my username from @thblsd1 to SamanthaBanks? Thank you.

Hi @SamanthaBanks! Welcome to the Glitch forums! My understanding is that you can change your username (on the main/community site) like this:

  1. At, Go to your profile page by clicking on your own name or icon here:
  2. When your page opens, click on your username after the @ symbol, like this:
    and you should be able to edit your username to be any existing, unclaimed username. It seems like you may need to change the username above also to match (via the same process.)
    Hope that helps (but please let me know if I’ve misunderstood the question, or could go into more detail! :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your help. And yes, I’m going to change the username here in the forum as well. :smiley:

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