Community discussion: Glitch merch edition

Hello folks! Let’s talk about Glitch merch…

I was asked today if I had a sense of what kind of merch our community would like to see, as we’re thinking about how to level up from our older sticker offerings. So, I’m here to ask you all

What kind of Glitch merch should we offer?

Are there certain items (shirts? mugs? magnets? sticker sheets? shower curtains?) or specific design elements from the site you would love us to commemorate? Sound off in this thread - I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with, and to see what we can bring to fruition!


Mugs and T-shirts (and maybe hoodies?)

Generally speaking “subtle” works best… not overtaking the full front of a shirt… eg an “iron man arc reactor” sized logo front and center is all you need.


I’d love pretty much anything with the fish logo. Could there be something in the shape of the logo? Like a mug made of two fish?


T-Shirts imo are pretty nice as long as people put in some effort to make them comfortable, I’ve quite a couple from recent events. It’s also the sort of thing events like hacktoberfest hand out. Stickers which I believe have been given out in the past are also pretty cool, typically people stick them on laptops. For myself since I don’t daily drive a laptop, I usually just stick stickers on the top of the pc case because it looks a bit plain otherwise.

On the topic of merch, I’ve seen some interesting merchandise from companies, like I once saw a car with a stackoverflow sticker under the license plate.

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Hi @jenn
Lots of ideas were put on this thread that I made some time ago:

Fish plush would be great or an actual koinobori :slight_smile:



I would personally love to buy a Koinbori plushy.

Anyone who wants to design has here a Figma file:

Glitch water bottles. I think all the colors should be abstract and match with glitch’s colorful heading.


-koinobori pencil topper (both axes work, imo)
-koinobori gaiter (looks like fish is eating your head)
-koinobori-themed bandana (koinobori instead of/stylized like the paisley teardrops)
-glitch football scarves
-dark grey gym shirts that say “property of GLITCH athletics department XX” in a letterman typeface
-a bunch of super cheap apparel with the slogan “Workers of the World, unite… sometimes!”
-slap bracelets

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Great idea!

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what about those tiny keychains? maybe with the fish.



Good idea!

Glitch Merch Hats Hoodies and Shirt

maybe the mug from this graphic


I Would actully take that mug

The pink color of the mug gives me an idea, fish erasers would be kinda cool since most eraser are just a solid color, bonus points if you can get the cut properly :slight_smile:


Awesome idea!

  • I would love to see a physical Glitch activity book - kinda like coloring book but glitchier!

  • Or what about Glitch Gum to chew while working on projects. I dont chew gum often but I would if it was Glitch branded. Especially if it had the Glitch “you’ve got this” turtle on it.

  • Also :100: to putting that lovely coffeecup illustration @wh0 posted above on something. It’s so cool.


Coasters would be interesting…seriously!

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Laptop skins and/or sleeves might be cool. I just looked it up and they have React ones.