Community feedback requested: ✨ What's a good word or 2-word phrase for frameworks/libraries/db/tools/etc?


hey pals!

i am trying to think of a good word or 2-word phrase that would best describe a collection of glitch starter apps that get you started on different frameworks, database management systems, build tools, test suites, etc. (like, you may want to create a website (~hello-website) or an aframe app (~aframe))

i’m wondering what you would title such a collection where it is likely understandable what you would find if the only context is that title and if that title were a label for a search textbox for that collection.

one that comes to mind for me is “frameworks & tools” or maybe “web technologies.” what do y’all think?


I dig “frameworks & tools”, but another that pops into mind is “Boilerplates” or “Starter Kits”. Maybe the GitHub category page might help with some other ideas too:


Originally I was thinking something like “Tech Stacks” but that doesn’t seem quite right

The phrase “Starting Points” came to mind just now, and I kinda like that one. It’s a collection of starting points with a variety of things.


I like the friendly names. +1 for “starter kits”

Maybe “blueprints”?


“boilerplates” and “templates” feel like the standard names for this, but “project springboards” or “project launchpads” both sound more fun

…although re-reading your post it sounds like maybe you want a 1-2 word description for this specific collection and not these collections in general?


yeah i’m starting to think that something like those or “starter apps” or “boilerplate apps” may be the direction to go instead of one word to mean all web technologies! another thing i want to be mindful of is not using jargon that people not familiar with web development may think mean something different - like “what is a boilerplate, sounds like it burns” or “isn’t a blueprint something architects make?”


Maybe something very literal? I’m thinking “Pre-made apps” but that might imply that the apps are “complete” and not to be extended


yeah this is for a specific collection of our starter apps, but we may want people to be able to create a new project from the collection in the editor, for example, so the title of the collection would potentially act as the search label as well.


I would like to add a vote for starter-kits / starter-apps


A non-techy word could be something used in other fields, like stencils or scaffolding or templates?


Just wanted to add votes for “starter kits” / “starter apps” / “starter templates”


Sparks - i.e. of inspiration?

Random thoughts along those lines could be fun too.

“Got started on this one from the react spark on glitch”



Starter apps is fantastic.

I think there are a few different routes to take. I think there are a few ways to work with a few options.

Starter +
Starter apps
Starter projects
Starter examples
Starter kits

Starter templates

+ Templates
App templates
Project templates


Reading this thread and I can’t get foundations out of my head.


I’m down with “Starter Kits” because it makes sense to people of all ages. I don’t know about all backgrounds.

When you’re a kid, you get a LEGO Starter Kit or an electronics Starter Kit. And I think it makes sense for grown-ups too :slight_smile:


yessss this is a great way to articulate the requirement that i wanted it to be a recognizable phrase and not new jargon for beginners.