Community Open Thread 39 - February Has a 29th this year edition 💕

Happy Friday! Last week was my 7 year working-on-Glitch anniversary and my 140th birthday :vampire: :bat: and I’m paying the celebrations forward to you all in the form of LINKS!

So what are you all working on? Sound off below :point_down: and I’ll see you on !


What is with the 140th birthday?

Anyway I am working on improving my skills in JavaScript, and animations. I want to take my websites to the next level, whether that is using GSAP or just working on my CSS! Check me out on GitHub, Scratch, and Replit (not used by me much, just the occasional Python project).

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hi all :slight_smile:

i’m new to glitch and have, I believe, the most powerful ai image generator of sd1.5 on Perchance, which contains a huge artist list and is able to take feedback and refine itself over time. ✰ᗢ☆Love☆♡☆And☆♡☆Light☆ᗢ✰ ― Perchance Generator
But it only uses localStorage!
I also have a game in progress for android, use entirely my own keyboards for phone (kotlin webview), and basically all of it would be 9001 times cooler were it able to have back ends :slight_smile:
I also like to amass hubs of usable materials, which I have been doing in Perchance and started, on my first issue, doing here.

May everyone be a better person because I interact with them.
May everywhere be a better place because I’m there.

Have a wonderful, progressfilled day all :slight_smile:
My favorite ponies are princess celestia, starlight, and twilight.

Hi! :wave:! Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time here!

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Hey @MilesWK, let’s keep the feedback on this forum friendly and more substantial than “needs work” and “huh” ok, there are kinder ways to ask for clarification when confused.


I changed it to be positive and nice!


I submitted my blog to this month’s jam. One thing I never had for mine was a title. On the main page there’s an <h1>Articles</h1>, but it’s not really the title of the blog as a whole. For other entrants, how did you choose your blog’s title?

In non-Glitch updates, I had been working on a project for Replit, but they banned me right when the project was launched. And I haven’t been able to get in contact with anyone from their support team. It’s like that squeaky wheel that I likened Replit to just flew off the cart and over a cliff. Now all my work there is deleted.

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hi too :slight_smile:


ooooh i can start now and still make something for the jam thanks to that 29th day!

On a related note, your blog inspired me to blog regardless of topic consistently! (especially the stark difference between “Resources in Diablo 3” and “Which Emoji Scissors Close”)

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