Convert A Wordpress Website To A Glitch Website

Hi I Try To Convert A Wordpress Project To A Glitch Website But It’s Not Work,

I Can’t Use/Extract The .Zip Folder.

Please I Can Got Help ?

I Don’t Codeing Html :c

Hello, what if you are trying to install wordpress on Glitch, you will want to use a project that supports PHP, such as ~hello-httpd.

If you need to extract a zip folder, download it in to your project via the project’s console:

wget -O

Then, unzip it:


You can learn more about unzipping files here:

I’ve setup a guide on how to install wordpress on Glitch!

If you have old wordpress data, you can import it after the setup.

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If you want your site to stay the same, you can use a website downloader app like HTTrack to download it, upload it into hello-webpage, and turn it into a static site(code might l look bad in the glitch editor though).

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