Creating a discord bot which can re react to already reacted messages

Hi, I am seeking to create a bot code through which if any user reacts to a message with a emoji then the bot re-reacts to it with the same emoji. But I am not able to come up with a code for it, any help would be appreciated.

Um… you have a working bot that is doing everything but this one thing you’re having issues with?

yea, the bot works, i just want to add the below thing to it-
if a user reacts with a certain emoji to a message, i want my bot to also react with that emoji on the same message

You haven’t given much information to go on. Are you using DiscordJs? The client needs to register an “intent” for GUILD_MESSAGE_REACTIONS and you add a “reaction handler” watching for messageReactionAdd and typically messageReactionRemove events.

When you receive that event you process it and reply however you like. If you want lot more information I suggest you subscribe to the DiscordJs discord server. There should be lots of examples that do essentially what you are asking and I think maybe one in the documentation.


Alright, thx for telling