Deploying multiplayer typescript game with separated client and server

Hey there!
This is my first time on the Glitch forums! I’m having webdev troubles and am wondering if anyone could help out or point to resources for this.

I have a (very) basic online multiplayer game made with Phaser, Typescript,, and Express–it’s more of a test game, to be honest. I have it working with localhost, but I’m trying to deploy it and I’m kind of feeling out of my depth. If you want to take a look at it I can create a git repo for it and link it here in a later post.

Basically what I want is to have the basic server code hosted here, on Glitch, and then have the client code hosted on my itchio page (itchio is a platform for indie games)

Is this possible / advised? And if so, what modifications would I have to make to my code to make it work?

I appreciate this is a big question so if you know of a good resource for dealing with this feel free to let me know. I’m still kind of a baby when it comes to online stuff and I’ve been feeling frustrated lately so I thought I’d come here.


-Taylor Anderson

Its probably possible. But there are a few limitations you should be aware of.

Communication via websockets should work well, but when it comes to HTTP communication, you might have some issues. In efforts to stop pinging services, Glitch “firewalls” some HTTP connections. This has lead to issues with services like IFTTT not being able to communicate with Glitch apps. However, I 100% recommend that you give it a shot. If the IP cannot bypass the firewall, you may get a 403 error.

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