Disabling Format This File?

So every programmer has their own particular style of formatting, and during debugging format goes out the window as you try to isolate the bug. I looked around on the Prettier Website, and found no way to just disable to option altogether. Is there any way in glitch to disable the option, as I never use it and never plan to use it, or just to prevent it from formatting anything if accidentally clicked?

Hi @Shoeman,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll share it with the team.

Currently, there is not a Glitch project option to disable Prettier. So here is a workaround:

  • Set requirePragma in a .prettierrc file
  • Don’t include the pragma statement and then your files won’t be subject to Prettier.
  • If you do this, clicking the ‘Format this file’ button wont Prettier your code - but you’ll still get confetti for your personal entertainment.

Here are some additional details on doing this from Prettier.