Discord Bot Messages Deleted


I’ve been checking on my bot every few days, and its online but today messages seem to exist for a small period then disappear for no apparent reason, if i did not try so many times i would have suspected something was wrong, but there is no code near that block that can delete messages, Any idea why this is happening?


I suggest adding some console logging to understand when and how your messages get removed. Sharing the project URL would mean we can take a look for you.


I know for a fact there is no code to delete it, as it has worked in the same state a few hours/days before and i didn’t change anything


Hey @CSharpAndLua!

What language are you using for the bot?


nodeJS as its supported more by glitch


What module are you using to connect to Discord? Discord.js, discord.io, Discordie?


discordie, i will try using a specific version i made it with


Are you getting any errors from the messages deleting? You may want to use the try and catch method to catch any and all errors coming from that code.

  // message code
} catch(err) {


None at all, there is no reason, i even checked and there aren’t any discordie updates that could have broken it


Are you still having that issue? I can take a look at it if you need me to. I’m still learning Discordie but it doesn’t seem much different than Discord.js, so I shouldn’t be that bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There arent any errors, i know because it worked and i havent changed it, but now it just wont


Oh, so it worked before and isn’t working now? Gotcha. Not sure then. If you know there are no bugs in your code then I would send an issue to the Discordie GitHub repository.