Discord bot mobile status

I want to activate my discord bot on mobile. like NotSoBot. How can i do it?

Need more details. What is notsobot? What does it do that you want done? How are we supposed to know how to help you without a proper explanation or links to what you are asking to get help with

NotSoBot is a discord bot. i want mobile status as in the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/tn3txe

Hey there! In the discord.js repository on Github. A thread was made for this particular status. It is still a undocumented feature but i guess you can use constants.js for it to work? A Video was also made for this, you might want to refer to that.

Thank you!

in the video, the producer is editing the node_modules/discord.js file. how can I access this folder on Glitch?

Just watched the video. You can use the first method without needing to edit files in node_modules.
Here’s all you need to add:

const Constants = require('discord.js/src/util/Constants.js');
Constants.DefaultOptions.ws.properties.$browser = `Discord Android` //or Discord iOS
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thanks but the bot isn’t being active. the logs is:


3:32 PM

a minute ago

node v8.15.1, with pnpm

3:32 PM



Thtat means i’s updating the packages

How the code varies in the version of discord.js v13?

idk i didnt write a bot in v13. it might be same, did you tried it?