Discord bot - Something took too long error

Error: UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Something took too long to do.

Project name: dispatchbot

Hey @Buggs,

Looks like your Discord bot is on a banned host - post your project name in this thread and Glitch will move your project to another host. This might take a while to be done.

Hope this helps!

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How long would it take Glitch to move the IP to a new host? I’m a glitch premium (boosted) user and this kinda frustrating.

I understand, but I don’t think glitch is working today; you might have to wait to tomorrow, you can try to unboost your project, remix your project, and boost your new project again, you can repeat this process until you’re not on a banned host :wink:

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Yeah I’ve been doing the same since 2 weeks but without knowing this whole thing and yesterday I was about to rip my hair off so I came here to yell at everyone but read cori’s post and things made more sense. Still waiting for Glitch to move the project to a non banned server.