(Discord.js) Hello Newcomers!

The problem of all new users is not to find a good command handler…

So here is a command handler and template I have prepared for you carefully (With the help of AnIdiotsGuide)

There are several sample codes and systems in it.

Feel free to use it (it is constantly updating so I recommend you to follow)
Here is the link => https://glitch.com/edit/#!/remix/baris-demirci-youtube-videolari

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Honestly, I’d recommend just using the command handler from the offical discord.js guide, and then just modifying it to work the way you want it to.

I would have to agree. Considering all things. A template repo should have place holder text (”your title here”) (”your token here”) etc it doesn’t really help that it’s not written in English. And if the user doesn’t know what they are coming at they are likely to discard the fork

Edit: Heres my tutorial here also. if anyone would like to add to it let me know and ill add you to the GitHub repo. (I usually edit it on glitch and host it on GitHub)

You should move this in the tutorials :slight_smile:
I unfortunately can’t do that since i don’t have the ability to edit posts.