Discord Ticket Bot Bug

This is my problem

It just started when i was making a ticket bot for a server, similar to Ticket Tool but not the same, i made a variable with let(obviusly) and name’d it topic or asunto in spanish, then when the ticket was created i wanted to display a message with the topic or asunto, to help the staff that was reading the ticket easier to help the user, so here is the problem, the message of the topic or asunto is sent in a random channel i dont know why and it doesnt give any error, here is my code:

if (message.deletable) message.delete(); let asunto = args.slice(0).join("-");
if (!asunto) return message.reply(“Porfavor proporciona un asunto”); let name = message.author.username;

let channel_name = name + "-ticket";`

message.guild.createChannel(channel_name, 'text');`

> let sendChannel = message.guild.channels.find(ticket_channel => ticket_channel.name = `${channel_name}`); (here)

sendChannel.send(“a”); (and here)

Thank you.

What version of d.js are you using?

V11, im using it, because v12 is bugged for me idk y, but dont mind about that