Disk Full please help

Project URL Here

As a general tip, try these commands in the console:

  1. git prune; git gc will try to reduce git-related files, but it may fail if the disk is really full.
  2. If your project is mainly using node and npm packages, try enable-pnpm.
  3. du -hd1 will show you which folders/files are occupying the most space.

Also, as I can’t access your project by the link, answering the following questions might be helpful:

  1. What is your project’s main language? Did you install some packages for it?
  2. Are you using some kind of DB or persistent storage? Are the files stored inside .data folder?

Hey @Snowflake107 I’ve granted your project some additional disk space for the next 24 hours so you can resolve the space issues you’re having. The post at Glitch full disk error might help you avoid this problem in the future!

Thanks Cori :slight_smile:

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