Does Glitch support WASM/WebAssembly

I’m trying to use wasm-imagemagick for some on-the-fly image conversion. It fails to load the wasm however. I’ve tried multiple versions of the library and they all fail to load for different reasons. Version 1.2.7 throws this error:

let stacktrace = stacktrace_js_1.default.getSync();
TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSync' of undefined

So my question is, does Glitch support wasm in nodejs or is this a problem in the wasm-imagemagick library?

Hey there!

While other platforms do work on Glitch, Glitch only provides official support for Node.js.
From what I can comprehend, the error seems to be an internal error from the library; it would be more helpful if you open an issue in the repository.

Hope this answers all your questions.