Dot-folders like .git and .ssh are copied over when remixing a project


Hi. First, this is a really great service. Thank you!

Using the terminal, I wired up my project to use a bitbucket repo, as well as an SSH key (for bitbucket). It works great, no problems.

Then, I happened to remix the project and noticed that the .git/ and .ssh/ folders were copied over. That probably should not be the case.

As a workaround, I can move the folders to .data/ and create symlinks, but that’s not very intuitive.


Thanks for the find, we’re re-evaluating the current behaviour. At a high level, for predictability, we want remixing to mirror the behaviour of git forking for the most part.


Do you folks know if this behavior is still the same?
I was planning to add a remote repository to a project using the console, then use SSH keys to deploy and push to another server.


Hi @radames,

we do not copy over the .ssh directory when you remix a project. We do copy the .git directory.