Download project features for basic webpage projejcts


I teach undergraduate courses in basic web development – mostly html and CSS and occasionally some javaScript. I’ve been using Glitch for the past semester and really like it – the students like it a lot, too.

I’ve seen several posts about linking to files in the assets folder, and I just wanted to add a new use case related to that request. I’d really like for students to be able to link to images, for example, in a way that resembles (to some extent) a real workflow. I know there’s the asset-lib solution, but the other issue I’m thinking about is having students download their projects to work locally – I feel like for my students, that would cause more confusion than it’s worth.

I know my use case is a little specific, especially because my students are at a very introductory level – but the platform has been so good for teaching with, I’d really like to find a solution. If anyone has ideas that might make things easier under the current system, I’d love to hear them.


Thanks for the suggestion. You can reference assets you have stored locally, the problem with that is getting them there. Currently you’d have to wget url_to_asset where url_to_asset is the copied URL of the asset uploaded to the assets folder in the editor, which I’m guessing wouldn’t meet your ‘real workflow’ requirement?


Thanks – that gets me closer, I think. I can see uploading some placeholder images for students before they start editing and remixing the project – having them wget their own is going to be too much. But I like that this preserves the folder structure when they download the project.

Is there any way to make those images visible in the file tree?


Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Sadly not - binary files are hidden from the editor.