Embers Creator Showcase Clone

Project URL: stump-bow-clavicle

This is basically a clone of the Creator Showcase section found in Embers by LyricWulf but built using CSS grid as an practice of my css grid skills. This isn’t very responsive because only recently Embers allowed resizing itself to a ratio that is not your screen width to height ratio.
This is what it looks like in the actual app

This is how the css version looks(yes I used bubble tea for most of them).

Did you put the right link lol

Looks like @code-alt snatched it up.

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I knew it was at the right time, the right time to do it with I had that draft opened :wink:

It’s why I have Header.js and Pressing not here for now.

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@javaarchive, did you note that there is a misleading link to my totally real legit 2020 portfolio…?

link updated, ty for code alt for telling me

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