Error installing Tinyproxy on Glitch

I’m trying to install Tinyproxy on Glitch, but it ends up giving me an error with the PID. Here is the list of commands I ran:
cd ~
tar -xf tinyproxy-1.10.0.tar.gz
cd tinyproxy-1.10.0
cd ~
git clone
/app/tinyproxy-1.10.0/src/tinyproxy -c ~/tinyproxy-conf/tinyproxy.conf -d

This was the error I ended up getting when I ran the last command:
tinyproxy: Could not create file /run/tinyproxy/ No such file or directory
/app/tinyproxy-1.10.0/src/tinyproxy: Could not create PID file.

Hi @greg5678,

Im sorry that this install is giving you trouble! Would you be willing to tell us the name of your project where this is happening so we can investigate?

Yes, the program is called lavish-helenium.

Hey @greg5678 if tinyproxy requires adding files to /run I don’t think you’re going to be able to do that - that would require higher permissions than the user your project is running as is granted.

Sorry for the bother!