Error while building C module in Python

Hello Glitch people, as the title says i’m having problems with python saying that it cannot find a file called Python.h, the project was working about 4 days ago but suddenly it stopped because of this error. The project name is in the screenshot, i also have another project with the same problem called “eae-bot”.
Thanks in advance!

Have you updated any node modules since?

I don’t have any nodejs module besides pm2, since my project just uses python, i just use pm2 as process manager

It seems to be a problem with the first module installed. If you contact the owner of the module they should be able to help you with that problem.

Apparently i need an apt package called python3-dev i think it might have been removed from glitch :thinking:, it’s not pm2 or pyoppai since i downloaded the project and it works just fine on my pc without any changes, and as i said it was working just fine about 4 ~ 7 days ago

hey @NikoBotDev, we added python 3.7 earlier in the week and are currently deploying an update that installs python3-dev

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Alright, thank you jenn!