Error with modifying JSON files

When I attempt to modify a JSON file, the moment I type a character the server disconnects, and upon re-connection all changes are reverted. This is really annoying and I can’t start my project due to it, so help would be appreciated.

What’s your project and what browser are you using?

Not completely sure what you mean by project, but I am using Chrome.

Your project name or url would definitely help (you can email it to if you’d rather). Alternatively we might be able to tell something from the contents of your package.json file.

If your project’s link is, then my-awesome-project is the name of your project.

The project name is ownagepebot, sorry for late response.

I found out the error was due to diskspace, however it won’t let me uninstall a package using pnpm due to a binding error

I managed to resolve the issue myself, I had to remove a couple of files, and uninstall a couple libraries that I didn’t use