Export directly to Glitch

I like using VS Code for programming because of all the IDE features. When I want to export a project into glitch, I need to put it into a git repository then import that repository into Glitch. Is there a way to export directly to Glitch?

hi you can work on your project locally by exporting to github https://glitch.com/help/github/

you can also import a github repo into glitch (it’ll override the glitch project contents)

I’m saying that I have a node site saved locally on my computer, and I want to export it directly to Glitch, nothing with Github.

We have plans to expose writeable git urls for a glitch project which would make this easy to do directly. Right now though you can do this in a more cumbersome way by pushing your project as a repo to github, and importing that github repo into glitch
(cc @Tim)


There’s no way to export to Glitch and create a new project, but you can access Git within your Glitch project as described here: Possible to code locally and push to glitch with git?