Feature Request: Pause Logging

I find the gomix logging interaction to be a lil cumbersome at the moment. Often I am tinkering with something, logging some output, and then trying to keeping eyes on that output while I make code changes.

The way it’s currently setup, I find myself chasing after logs as they scroll by from constant log output (aka debug mode for my app). Embarrassingly often I am hunting after the scrollbar, clicking and holding it to get it in place, just so I can see what I am doing.

Because gomix reinstalls and restarts everything with every change (and logs that in the same place as my app’s log), my useful log info is getting buried during my workflow!

Logging is core to my workflow, and something that makes me hop out of gomix back to local developing when I need things to slow down.

Smallest Proposed Change: Let log scrolling be sticky (aka my place doesn’t get pushed up as new logging rolls in).
Bigger Proposed Change: Let me choose to pause logging, resume, filter out the startup info, or something of the sort to make the logging panel easier to keep eyes on the important info.
Big Idea Proposed Change: Rework logging so I can have it open in a seperate window, fullscreened like I normally do with my terminal window

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sticky scrolling (the first one) is how it was designed to work (we want it to be like a normal browser console), I think we must’ve introduced a bug that broke it. I’ll add fixing this to our backlog.

a separate window is something we’ve thought about and may do in the future. Can you tell us how you’d use the separate window? (always visible in a corner of your screen or 2nd monitor for example)

I would have it in a seperate mac osx workspace. Sometimes on a separate
monitor, sometimes being juggled like everything else
I would expect it to be a webpage at my-project.gomix.me/_logs that I could
just keep running in a tab between deploys

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hey jonchurch,

in the meantime, We just released a patch so that as new logs come in, your position should be maintained if you’re scrolled up a bit - just like the chrome console (let me know what browser you’re using if that isn’t the case). Also if you were using safari, logs should also now be properly sticky and scroll to the bottom as expected.

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Im on chrome, will check this out, thanks!