Font changing when first loading the site

Ive made my site, well not really but its a start. And now i have an animated text on the home page. However, its active very strangely, when i first load the page the font is different, but when i reload, it becomes the font i have set it to.
Link - [ ] or [ ]


I didn’t see any change. Where are you getting the font asset from?

I just checked the source and it appears that you are using a good font prover ( I dont know if this will help, but instead of using the @import method try using a link tag.

<link href=",300,400,600" rel="stylesheet">

I think I know what is happening. That is just the default behaviour of websites. When you load fonts in your website from other sources, until the font loads, the default font (sans-serif or any other default font like serif, monospace, etc.) kicks in. But once the font finishes loading, the font changes to what you’ve set. At least, that’s what I think. :thinking: The font that you’re pulling is super fast (most Google fonts are) and I’m getting the font loaded correctly. Maybe it be a network issue?

yup, thanks we fixed it. But before, i believe that may have been the issue. It now loads perfectly fine.