Full Repo and git

How do I see full directory of my glitch repo eg. node_modules? Also can I use git to commit and such?

Click: Tools (at bottom left) - Git, Import, and Export
Here you will find what you are looking for.

That feature is currently broken.

Glitch is currently having issues. status.glitch.com

Yeah. I forgot the post. Note that related posts have recently been obtained.
You can get this by searching.

I know it’s broken but can i use something like git add <file name>?

You’re best option is to use the glitch command console which can be opened from tools -> Full Page Console or you can open the Logs and there is a tab to view the console which keeps the console at the bottom of the page. If you are familiar with the bash command prompt you will be able to list all the files with ls -al which will show any hidden files and files that are hidden using the gitignore file. You can also use console to add or change files but you have to use the refresh command to make these changes appear in the IDE web interface.

You can also run any git commands from here, because glitch by default runs checkpoint commits if you try to run a commit there will probably be nothing to commit. You can turn this off by pasting in this code

echo '#!/bin/sh
#       if the prepared commit message ends with "Checkpoint", abort the commit
if grep -q "Checkpoint$" "$1"; then
        echo "Skipping default commit" >> /tmp/message
        exit 1
fi' > /app/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg && chmod +x /app/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg

If you have many checkpoint commits and you wanted to merge them into one commit you can run these git commands to merge them.

git reset origin/master ##This will reset all the commits
git add --all ## This will restage all the changes you made
git commit -m 'latest development stage' ## You can re-commit them into one
git push ## then push your changes.

Also if you did not create your project from a git repository you will have to set up your remote links.

git remote -v
    origin  https://github.com/demo.git (fetch)
    origin  https://github.com/demo.git (push)

remote add origin https://github.com/glitch-demo.git
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Didn’t work, I’ll just wait for fix…