Getting an error while trying to shard my bot "Shards process exited before its client became ready"

hi there, I’m getting an error on my project regarding sharding, my bot had sharding for about a week and wasn’t giving me any errors, but for some reason about 2 days ago I started getting this error

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Shard 0’s process exited before its Client became ready

I’m not sure why, or how I can fix this, after checking the forms I’ve found a post regarding this issue and the solution suggested by the topic poster didn’t help me since I removed the “process.env.port” from my other file, after doing that it my project was working and has been up ever since until i started getting that error, I didn’t change anything, it just stopped working, any suggestions that may help fix this problem?

Show me your client file. If you put a server in there, both running on the same port, it will cause an error.