GitHub import problems


I have been trying to import from pedromtavares/radio on GitHub, but I have been getting Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@, I have tried several times using the following syntaxes:

I have also tried going to!/import/github/pedromtavares/radio, which creates a project, and gives me the same Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@ message.


Try going to New Project > Clone from Git Repo and entering This worked for me. However, the package.json doesn’t have a start command, so you’ll need to address that after importing.


I’ll try! Thank you!


I tried, and it gave me this:


@Gareth (sorry for the mention, but I failed to mention in the prev post)



I still haven’t been able to reproduce your issue, but if you remix!/pedromtavares-radio-1 then you can continue development from there.

As I mentioned above, the first thing to do will be to add a start command to package.json.