Giving trusted regulars more responsibility (or permissions)

Hello Glitch,

I think it would be a wise idea to give trusted regulars more permissions on this forum.


I think we can all agree that the forum is starting to become over populated by posts that are either

  • irrelevant to Glitch or programming
  • off-topic
  • asked before
  • contains code or logs that are not in code blocks
  • etc

Which is why I suggest giving trusted regulars permissions to do these things:
Change title
Change category
Change tags
Edit original post
Close thread
Move thread
Set correct answer

Giving trusted regulars these permission would allow them to help keep the community clean and efficient. I’m not trying to be rude when saying what I’m about to say; but Glitch moderators doesn’t always seem to be active and have the time and resources to do this alone.

How to choose trusted regulars?

Note! This is just a proposal on how to choose trusted regulars, I’m not saying it should be limited to the below.

  1. An election system. Setting up an election.
    • Each (half?) year an election will be held.
    • Any member can vote to have a regular member elected.
      • A member cannot vote to elect themselves.
      • A member can only vote to elect another member if they meet these criterias:
        • 20+ likes, this shows that the member has at least been active on the forum.
      • A member can only vote to elect 3 regulars.
      • A member can only vote on regulars that meet these criterias:
        • The regular member cannot have more than 5 (rightfully) flagged posts or topics within the last 3 months.
        • The regular member cannot have any flagged content that has been deleted, edited or closed because it violated rules, code of conduct or terms of service.
        • The regular member must be reputable, i.e. have 10+ answers, 100+ likes, given 100+ likes, etc.
    • A vote by an administrator or moderator is an immediate opportunity to join the election.
    • The top 20 voted regulars will be given the opportunity to join the election.
  2. The election, who gets to become a trusted regular (or perhaps a moderator).
    • The elected regular member cannot vote in the election.
    • A member has 2-3 votes, they can be shared, given to one person, or not used at all.
    • A member can only vote if they meet these criterias.
      • 20+ likes, this shows that the member has at least been active on the forum.
    • The elected regular with most votes win the election and become trusted regulars, unless administration (or committee) sees another reason not to.
    • There can only be 5-10 elected regulars that can be promoted.

This has been previously discussed:

But doesn’t Discourse have a Leader rank which is going to have an election thing?

If IIRC it was an upcoming feature. I’m not sure if it has been implemented yet. Either way, if they did I’m not sure if Glitch would adapt it, they’ve not adapted other updates. :confused:

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I’m all for this! I hope we can see some more features on the forum :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t #feature-ideas posts have the Like button on them, I don’t have any more votes!


Hi. :grinning: That’s me.


How about user moderators? A Discourse group for user moderators?

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User moderation would not be that bad of an idea as long as the users did not get too many privileges…