Glitch audience

I have one question about glitch, what of it is targeted audience?

3 year old drawings, so yeah…

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I’d have to disagree, I think Glitch is targeted towards people who want to test code before rolling it out in a production environment.

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yes yes. but the editor feels like kid freindly editor.

And @javaarchive found in some JSON list that it was safe for kids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

suspenseful music


Most sites on the web are ‘safe for kids’… Whether that means its target audience is therefore kids is a different question. As I have understood, Glitch was supposed to be a fun and lively place to tinker with code (like as @RiversideRocks said) - the use of images like the ones they use are to spread happiness around the platform. A few drawings here and there don’t make it ‘for kids’. Furthermore, you must be 13 years or over to use Glitch anyway so what would be the point of them targeting for kids if they can’t make an account. Just because they want to create a nice, happy and joyful community and app doesn’t automatically make it for children.


No. You can get parent’s permission to bypass the federal coppa law.

No. Only if the ToS of that service says you can. The Glitch ToS says no such thing. Please read it before telling me I have misunderstood it as I have read it multiple times

Unless otherwise indicated, a User must be at least 13 years of age to use the Services.

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No it says that later

As @EddiesTech said, due to US laws, you must be >13 to use Glitch.

Yeah, I know that.

Yes that true but if you 13-19 you are a teen. And that’s what I think glitch’s audience is.

I think the audience is 14+

I think its’ audience is pretty much everyone. Where else do you find a kid-friendly editor easy enough for young children to use, but with hot reloading (literally a godsend), production level deployment, and support for advanced languages like Rust and a terminal for power users? I used Glitch back when I started because it was easy (better than Cloud9 or embryonic Replit), and I still use it now because it’s pretty frictionless to start a new project and people are making cool projects on the forums all the time.


Glitch the website and their marketing really make it look like it’s a learning tool for younger and inexperienced people, but I personally use Glitch as a place to host my corporate automation stuff and internal-only bots. I like to think of Glitch as a discount-Heroku, but I prefer Glitch just because of its open nature and the straight-forward pricing system


your thinking of Scratch,which is meant for kids

No, Glitch does have drawings like such

I wouldn’t call them “3 year old” drawings, its just glitch’s art style.

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But I agree with the guy at


I think google would disagree with that lol

Though I do think their illustrations look similar to

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